Supported Living For 16 Year Old

Hi - I wondered if anyone had any experience of supported living options for a 16 year old who is neuro-diverse? My daughter is adamant that she wants to leave home at 16. She is very headstrong and won’t adhere to boundaries at all. I don’t want her to leave home but I would like to research suitable options for her as I believe she may just “take off” if I don’t! 

  • I noticed this was 5 days ago but if you want my advice, loosen the boundaries and help her learn how to make healthy choices step by step. Help her learn to think critically and engage her creative self. Always encourage Reasoning With but at appropriate times.  

    In my opinion, money is always better spent on family therapy, my (as a parent) going to therapy alone and yoga, a spa day once a month and the occasional festival/retreat. Growing my self provides them the security of having someone to look up to who values health and wellbeing  - it can be in sensible measures.

    Also would strongly recommend to never sever communication with your kids. I always told my son if he wanted to try drugs it would be at home where I could monitor him. This changed a forbidden thing to a boring one. .

  • Hi, the NHS has a webpage with information on the different types of housing available:

    I would suggest contacting your local council for information as to what is available in your area. I'm not sure if young people under 18 are able to have a tenancy agreement, but there might be some other options for 16-18 year olds.

    Good luck and hope it works out ok.

    • Hi my son has autism and a very old  friend of mine I found out was working in the system for assisted living and obviously I wanted to know what the deal was incase my son needed it anyway my friend told me she thought that honestly fir what the parents were paying for this that their adult autistic kids were NOT getting much back. That's all I know as she quit the job now and does care for people with alzhiemers now. It just made me feel that fir me I'd rather be there myself for my son if the people are half hearted or overworked or I don't know what reason is but she say for what you pay you're not getting the care you should.