5 year old girl masking and struggling at home

Hi, My Daughter is 5 YO and has been through some trauma (family deaths and a messy divorce from me and her mother)

She's developed relatively normally (Almost above average for a lot of things)

Noticed from young age some sensory issues (Noises, textures, certain foods). Mother doesnt see these but notices them

Signs are included but not limited too, forgetting to use toilet, soling and wetting and being too embarrassed to tell, panic attacks around even moderately loud noises, fixation on things being right (spoken or positionally etc), quite ritualistic and demands control of play.

Fear of speaking to teachers/family if something is bothering her. Nervousness, generalised anxiety around the unknown.

Very possessive (would not use ear defenders to protect ears because they were not HERS).

My paternal family recognises signs, maternal doesn't.

Doctors unwilling to do much as say have to wait for school.

School are being evasive and stating that children presenting their needs more loudly/obviously are more of a priority

CAMHS service only offering parent-led cbt for trauma

I'm at my wits end and don't really know where to turn. Is there any charities i can get advice? my daughter is masking a lot of the stimming she does at home (running in circles, picking fingers, spinning, repetitive words) from school, where she tries to fit in, although after her nan died last year, the mask fell at nursery and they noticed signs, but school is unwilling to listen,

What can i do?

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