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Hi everybody, I’m new to all this and this is my first time writing on anywhere like this! 
so I have a 3 year old, Archie, he’s on the asd assessment process. He has many issues and many quirky little ways about him, but the one that easily causes me the most stress and worry is his lack of eating! He just will not eat anything that I call meal foods, it’s all about the snack food for him, complete refusal to try anything new at all, I’m at my wits end with it. I give him vitamins to at least try and get some goodness into him. Iv been told before to keep cooking him his meals and he will eat when he’s hungry, my thing is, he doesn’t, he can be starving and still not eat! He gags on anything soft. 
so I guess the point to my post is, what do others do? Do I just give him what he likes so at least he eats something, while offering new foods in small amounts or do I do as iv been told and carry on cooking his meals and hope one day he eat at least a mouthful? 

  • Thank you so much for your reply oh he does love a birds eye chicken nugget haha and yes, Archie being hungry definitely brings on other behavioural issues. Eggy bread is a really good idea, I’d never thought of that so thank you. I do ask him what he’d like to eat but I sometimes question if he truely knows what things are if you understand what I mean? So pictures would be a good way to go. Lots of good ideas, thank you so much!! 

  • You're very welcome.. I remember exactly what it was like you worry all the time and get given lots of advice by professionals. Does Archie like messy play? My son didn't and there is a definite link with sensory issues and food but have a look at ARFID as well.. It's only recently been recognised as a food disorder. Good luck with everything. 

  • No he’s not overly keen on messy play and god help us if he gets some ‘wet’ food on his hand! It really is a constant worry, some days/ weeks I honestly don’t know how he functions on what little I actually get him to eat, and my goodness he functions haha I call him my Duracell bunny, he never stops! 
    oh iv not heard of ARFRID, I will definitely look into it

  • No problem.. Good luck with everything. 

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