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Hi, we are just beginning the process of diagnosis for my 14 year old daughter. She seems to be finding an online world of Memes and being anti Normie and frogs seem to play a big part?? Can anyone explain this to me a bit and is it helpful for her? Hope this makes sense to someone. 

  • Hi I have autisum and I am 13 also I am involved in that world.

    The meme community is big on the internet and it is mostly just harmless inside jokes might seem weird to people not in the community like you it is hard to unsderstand so maybe don't try too hard to. It is a vast culture with many different people. There is some bad/ offensive memes but they are just offensive for the sake of triggeringg people. Don't take them seriosly. By the way does she play video games becuase the video games and meme culture are interwoven quite strongly.

  • Hi, thanks very much for replying. That’s really helpful! She plays Roblox. She loves anime and you tube!!

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