Helping with meltdowns


i wonder if any parents can offer advice on helping with meltdowns.  Our daughter will have a meltdown every morning.  Or when there is a change.  We try to avoid them thinking ahead etc, one was caused as she couldn’t find her socks.  The meltdowns are crying and wailing and screaming, punching herself, biting a towel.  I stand out of the room and tell her to hit the pillow instead but that also annoys her.  So usually we leave her and say when you feel better come and see us and we’ll have a drink etc.  She often apologetic about her behaviour but we just move on.  

I am concerned as the meltdowns are getting worse and she doesn’t understand why she has them. 

How does your child meltdown ? Is it similar to our daughter ?

What works to help your child? 

I know everyone is different but any advice would be most welcome x

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