White Noise


I have read that white noise can be good to help calm someone in times of sensory overload.  

Has anyone tried this/ found it works? 

  • I've used this to cancel out noise when I feel I can't deal with it (things like the sound of people watching TV in another room for instance) I use a website/ app called Noisli which has a range of other sounds too which are quite good, and some of them I find more calming than the white noise, things like the sound of rain or the wind in the trees.

  • I am diagnosed with hyperacusis (hear noise as pain , hyper sensitive hearing)  and Wear a white noise generator for several hours s day.  I find at times when I am feeling stressed I deliberately listen to the sound and find it calms me . 

    My noise is a good free website with lots of customisable sounds,  the one called speech blocker is the closest approximation to my generator 

    Apps for anxiety such as "calm"  are also useful