Claiming PIP while on Uni year abroad.

Are there any parents or Uni students out there who have managed to maintain their PIP payments while abroad on a GAP year placement? My daughter is hoping to spend a year abroad but DWP have said she can only claim for 26 weeks and then PIP will stop. She will have to start the PIP process from square one when she returns (cynically I am concerned she won't be reawarded it in the current climate) She has been claiming DLA/PIP for 17yrs. Any helpful comments appreciated. Thank-you. :)

Parents Reply
  • Honestly, the DWP is THE most 'unusual' of organisations!!

    If you asked me honestly, I'd have a far more unusual definition of "unusual".

    It's just the bureaucracy I cannot abide. x

    I don't think they like bureaucracy either, just the pay. Hence the misinformation they gave you.

    There are good people working there, but it's like picking diamonds out of dog ***!

    Hope she enjoys her year out, and all goes well for you all! 

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