Does this sound like ASD or something else ?

My 8 year old son struggles and we are trying to work out why. We are waiting for a paediatrician appointment.

Please could you tell me if this sounds at all like ASD. He is a very humorous and active child who enjoys sport etc. Confident in many ways and popular and mostly well behaved at school. However, he is extremely anxious. He hates crowds, explodes after school and can become violent. He struggles with noise (but doesn’t mind his own noise). He frequently refuses to leave the house and will run off down the street. He admits to feeling scared but won’t say this without help. He can’t organise himself and forgets places, can’t find anything e.g. clothes. He gets stressed if plans have to change and becomes challenging with any transition. He makes small spaces to curl up in out of cushions and rocks himself to sleep. He moves a lot. He is demand avoidant and will often only do things if we turn it into some sort of a challenge (however he loves doing work at school and sees this as a challenge). He has no concept of time but can tell the time well. He can hear perfectly but often doesn’t respond to his name if he is busy. He plays with other children but is very anxious about them hurting him and doesn’t always recall events very well when he is explaining something that has happened. He is obsessed with playing an instrument to calm down several times a day. He doesn’t really play independently at all. He has to be with other people (but separates himself a lot but staying close by) and is scared of going upstairs alone. There is more but I think because he has always formed friendships relatively easy I’ve dismissed ASD (please forgive my ignorance). However he does need a lot of help interpreting other people’s intentions. What do you think please? I just want to make life easier for him. Thank you.