My 14 yr old daughter recently diagnosed autism (Asperger)

Hi All

i hav just joined your forum and looking to see if anyone can give advice.

My daughter was recently diagnosed with autism and I have a son of 11 who was diagnosed a few years back. Both attend mainstream school and are high achievers school but her anxiety at home causes meltdowns panic attacks etcI have just realised that she doesn’t sleep well when school is on but doesn’t have any problem sleeping now that it’s the holidays. She has been getting CBT for almost a year mainly for her social anxiety but nothing has really improved. She struggles going into shops getting in a bus without her few friends being there and doing it for her. She has irrational fears over things that could happen and it stops her leaving the house st times. She hasn’t been too bad with school holidays and has been sleeping well and behaviour has been better but her insomnia has started again and the meltdowns are present over trivial things and behaviour deteriorated in the last few days as says she’s worrying about school again. She doesn’t realise that her meltdowns and behaviour affect the whole family and we are nearly at breaking point walking on eggshells not knowing when she will kick off. She is not violent but cannot control her emotions and will scream and throw things regularly when not sleeping well.

As school is about to go back I am dreading next week with her and was wondering if anyone has had similar and had maybe looked at medication for sleep. She has never been offered any but I think it may be needed not sure how to go about it though is it GP or CAMHS I should ask.

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    I’m not the parent of an autistic child, so I can’t give you first hand advice, but NAS does offer a parent to parent service which you can find here. The NAS helpline can be found here.Child Autism UK also have a helpline, you find it here.

     There is a Facebook page ‘Autism Moms Support Group’ that can be found here, it’s based in the U.S.A. but has an international reach.  There is also a site with tips from a mother of autistic children here. Hopefully a parent will be able to offer practical advice. I wish you all the best. Graham