Parents not accepting me for who I am :-( feel lonely

It is hard for my parents not to accept me for who I am and wish I had someone to adopt me for who I am and wanting a family or friends so I dont e to feel lonely any more.

I don't get any help or have friends but miss having hugs and cuddles

because I got a mind of a little child (mild autism) its hard to make friends or have someone to accept and be look after and care for :-(

  • Hi there, thanks for sharing this. It is never easy to do so well done and thank you for doing so. When, I was first diagnosed it took some time to adapt to day to day life not just for me but my family too. For my Mum, she was eager to help and support me the best as she could. On the other hand, my Dad was in denial and thought nothing was different or 'wrong' with me. 

    I am not going to deny that I still wanted love whether it hugs, cuddles, kiss etc. I just wanted to feel like I was accepted and reassured that everything would be fine at the time. Still, my Father has a difference of opinion but things have improved as for my Mum she has been there from day one.

    I was told I had a mind of a teenager? Please don't despair it is times like this where support is needed. It is a crucial process not always straightforward but with patience, understanding and other key elements hopefully that will be enough. It is fair to say from a parent perspective, it is a startling and anxious time simply because it all is happening so fast and don't know how to approach the situation or how to deal with it.

    I still find it difficult myself speaking on the phone or face to face conversations. It is worth reminding yourself and possibly even your family that ok being diagnosed with autism is a part of me (which is fine) but overall doesn't reflect me as an individual as a whole. I have struggled to form and maintain close relationships or friendships which is self explanatory. Saying that, it is worth baring in mind that you are not at a fault or problem.

    Please don't be too hard on yourself. I know it is easier said than done but what has happened is undoable. It is not a matter of 'Here you go deal with it'. It is about utilising the uniqueness and attributes of a person on the spectrum. You do not have to suffer in silence. Everyone on the spectrum has their own individuality and levels. Take each day at a time being you is in itself a joy and priceless. Don't lose faith upon yourself you have potential amongst other components. Be proud of who you are no one can take that away from you.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this. I hope things will improve.

  • Hi vistauk,

    Sorry to hear how you're feeling - because of how people perceive autism, some people will unfortunately stay away. Your parents may still be adapting to this new information? At the end of the day, you're still their child, so I'd hope that this is them simply learning to understand and adjust.

    Much love <3