Missed breaks


i am new to the community and I am wondering if anybody else's has struggled with school and how they punish our children.

my son had an incident on wednesday where he broke a magnifying glass, he says on accident but other children said on purpose. The teacher who dealt with the incident told my son that the consequence would be that he missed his playtime the next day.

the reason for the post is that it is my understanding that the consequence has to be there and then and dealt with straight away not carried on to the next day. Am I correct?

my son is a very anxious boy and this resulted in my son self harming and not sleeping and me keeping him off the next day.

school are saying that they are in the right and I am being disagreeable!!!

thanks in advance. 

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  • I don’t think any child should be denied their playtime. Why do they have a playtime if it’s not important and how does missing play time the next day, link in with breaking something whether it was intentional or not. If it was intentional, then surely they should be finding out why he broke the thing. Maybe he was stressed or anxious or whatever. Whether the child is autistic or not, stopping play the following day doesn’t help anybody, none the least, the child. Have they made sure your son fully understands why they are doing it etc and have they made sure that such action, is not going to cause undue stress and discomfort for the boy? 

    I’m afraid, if you are going to stand up for your son, you are going to, in general, be viewed as disagreeable. That’s unfortunate, for those who think that, because clearly they don’t know what a disagreeable person looks like, but if they continue to shirk their responsibilities, they will see what disagreeable looks like. Get as much support as you can, learn as much as you can about autism, and don’t let the school bully you into accepting sub standard service. Even if they win this ‘battle’, get some support. Learn which battles to win. And if you haven’t already, get some support from other parents in your area. Good luck. Your little boy is a lucky little boy. Best of luck. 

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