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If my 4yr old girl gives some eye contact does this mean she ia not autistic? She looks at her close family and people she knows well but not others she looks away or hides her face if someone looks at her .

  • I'd agree with Tom, certainly sounds quite likely. I have Aspergers and no real problem with eye contact (well, ok, I get uncomfortable if it goes on for too long with someone I don't know well). A lot of what you're saying about your daughter resonates with me though. I flatly refused to play with other children at nursery school apparently, and I do remember if anyone said "don't you want to play on the swings" the answer would be a flat no if there were any other kids there. My mum described me as "clingy" at that age, so yes, separation anxiety too. 

    I do recall being told "look at me when I am talking to you" at school, which would suggest my eye contact wasn't all that great, and there are plenty of photos of 4 year old me refusing to look at the camera and hiding behind my hair (which I still do). 

    So in short, just because she is comfortable looking people she is comfortable with in the eye, doesn't mean she is not autistic! Good luck for the referral and subsequent meetings. It is better to know one way or the other, I think 

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