Any negatives to getting children diagnosed?


I was looking for some thoughts on whether I should get my children assessed for Aspergers/Autism. Last week I was formally diagnosed with Aspergers, but Ive been aware that I probably had aspergers for a long time, I think it may run in my family as I have several family members who I could say were probably on the spectrum, including my two children aged 9 and 7. My question is should I seek to get them diagnosed as at the moment they seem to get on ok with school. My eldest enjoys school and learning and his teacher frequenty comments that he is always quietly focusing on his work. My youngest is a bit of a daydreamer and more like me. He loves art and computer games but isn't too keen on school. We moved cities last year and my children have gone from having friends living near by to knowing nobody on the street where we live and although my eldest enjoys football and does make friends through that he has no one to play with outside of school (although this doesn't seem to bother him and as an aspie myself I can understand why). My worry that my youngest isn't making friends in school. Everyone seems to know who he is but he just ignores them when they say hello (as an aspie, again I can relate) I see that they may end up suffering  from crippling anxiety especially as they get older and move schools, as I did and still do. My gut feeling is that I should get them diagnosed as support with knowing what to do in social situations would have been of great benefit to me as a child. I suppose as a parent I want them to fulfil their potential in life and not have their Asperger traits hold them back. 

My question is this. Would there be any negatives to getting my children diagnosed?

Any thoughts other parents have would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks