Advice/Experience on Giving up Work

Hi all, I'm new here and wondering how other parents have managed when quitting work to become a full time carer.

I've always managed to work around my child's needs by receiving childcare help from my parents but they are now getting to the point where they are finding it harder as they get older.  Coupled with the fact that my child will be leaving school this year (she'll be 16) with no place to go yet I feel I can no longer work and provide the care she needs, my daughter obviously comes first so the current job has to go as I work 12 hour shifts.  All other family members work full time so no option there.

I've tried finding work that's within the hours available but there isn't anything, plus I can't start a new job as the hours may change in a few months and I'll have to leave that job.  I need to be on call for her also as she has no road safety skills and is oblivious to danger, so I would need to accompany her to places.  I've considered outside care for her but I work a minimum wage job so it would cost more to supply care to her than if I just finished work and be there for her myself, which is also my preferred option, she's adorable :)

I'm hoping to receive financial help to cover the loss of income but that is also uncertain, everything is very uncertain at the moment.

I would love to hear from anyone on their experiences with a similar situation on how you dealt with it, are dealing with the change, and any advice you can offer.

Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi there,

    I understand your situation a little.  In 2016, I took extended leave from my (minimum wage) care job to take care of my mother full-time for the last few months of her life.  I could only afford to do this because my weekly income was below the £120 cut-off for Carer's Allowance (I was on reduced pay from work).  So I got that (£62.10 per week), plus Housing Benefit to cover the rent on my flat.  It still wasn't enough to live on - but mum paid for my meals whilst I was there.  She had a pension, plus Attendance Allowance.  We also had a private carer who called in twice a day for half-an-hour to attend to mum's personal care.  Social Services covered the bill for that.  When my reduced pay from work ran out after three months, I then was also able to claim Income Support.  It was a very tight time financially, but fortunately I was used to living on a low income.

    Are you renting, or do you have a mortgage to service?  I know I certainly couldn't have done it if I'd not been renting, or had too many other financial responsibilities.  Have you checked with the CAB to find out your entitlements?  Also, I got a lot of help from Carers' Support.  It's an organisation which might only cover the area where I live (Kent) - but there should be similar organisations in other parts of the country.  Social Services should be able to tell you.

    I understand the uncertainties with it all.  I work with autistic people, most of whom live at home with their parents.  I know it's often a struggle for them, but they manage with benefits, etc.  I hope you can find a way to do this.  For all the difficulties involved, it's really quite often the best option for a loved one.  It would have broken mum's heart if she'd had to go into a home.  I know she'd have died much quicker that way.  You're obviously looking at many years of care for your daughter.  I don't know, but I assume from what you say that she'll be incapable of working or living independently.  Are you thinking about finding day services for her?  You should also be able to get access to other respite services, too.  Have a look here to see if there's any further help you can get..

    Assessments and support for carers

    Good luck.


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