GCSE Options / General Schooling

Hi there 

Our DS has to choose his options for GCSEs in the next month.

However, he really struggles in the core subjects (English, maths and Science) 

He enjoys history but his teacher said that he would really struggle with the coursework and exams.

He loves art so that will be one subject that he can take. However I am so concerned that his lack of work in the three core subjects is going to end up him leaving school with barely any qualifications.

Does anyone have any experience or advice as to avenues we could possibly go down? 

He would be ok to move to a University Technical College in Y10 (this September) however they have to choose one option out of three choices of which none of them he would want to do and art isn’t one of them!


Thanks for reading xx

  • Hi,

    My daughter picked her subjects last year, that was a nightmare. She is in a good mainstream secondary school but the GCSEs are a absolute joke. Hardly no coursework apart from art and design technology god knows what is going to happen when she actually sits them. She has chosen art, design, history along with her English, maths, science and religious studies not forgetting geography. The schools speech and language program have been preparing her, by using cartoon strips social stories making her aware of the time and strategies in coping with her anxiety. She ends up writing too much or sometimes gets in a bit of a panic. We have come a long way from the days when she was a four year who could hardly speak. But what happens after where will our asd children go? She loves art but going to another place that isn't her school is going to completely alien.

    The school have told me that she will be able to have breaks, take exams in another room, have extra time and when its too much to close the paper and restart when she is ready. Which is something. I don't know if there is anything else that they can do for the kids sitting their exams. If anyone else knows please let us know

    I have look at post 16 places that offer places to children that have asd but still feel that they will be quite vulnerable. My daughter has a 1 to 1 most of the time loves art but not sure either what to do. Hoping she will get a sixth form place. There are some Foundation courses, BTECs as well and a lady I work with has her daughter using a online tutor because she feels to stressed out at school. 

    I think our children have to do what makes them happy otherwise what will be the point. Hoping to find their place in society. I have a feeling that I will be changing what I am doing work wise to make sure that I am there for her picking her up dropping her off