Son who is 16, has autism, Conduct disorder, severe EBD had a forensic Psychological report done back in November. I know CAMHS have a copy & they have given a copy to his social worker but they will not give 1 to me. He is in voluntary care (so I still have full parental responsibility)....this report determines what the next step is going to be but I do not understand why they won't give me a copy of the report.

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  • It all depends on whether your son has given consent for you to read the report. If he hasn't, and there is something in the report that you need to be aware of, in the best interest of your child, you will be given access. Otherwise if you didn't think your son had the capacity to decline you access to the report, you can contest it but it would require an assessment for capacity under the mental health act. If he has given consent, then yes, you should get access to it. 

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