Sleepy after coffee?

It’s noon now, I woke up in the morning and not doing many things had two cups of coffee. And I almost fell asleep with my head on the table. Such situation is nothing unusual for me. I can have coffee in the evening before sleep and sleep well after the coffee. I like coffee mostly because of its mildly bitter taste which together with milk is delicious for me. Is there anyone else experiencing such funny or weird effects of things that are supposed to work differently? Just curious, if anyone wants to share it will be interesting. 

  • I can totally relate to your experience with coffee! I, too, find that coffee doesn't always have that expected effect on me. I can drink it at night and still fall asleep with no issues. Coca cola keeps me awake when I drink it so I tend to drink it a lot.  t's interesting how our bodies can react differently to substances like coffee. I also enjoy the bitter taste of coffee, especially when it's paired with milk. It's funny how something that is supposed to keep us awake can sometimes have the opposite effect.

  • Coca cola keeps me awake when I drink it

    You will find this is because of the sugar - see

    On average, a regular can of Coca Cola (12 oz/355 ml) contains approximately **39 grams of sugar**.

    The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar consumption to 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men. A can of Coca Cola exceeds these limits.

    It is ridiculously unhealthy I'm afraid.

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  • Yikes, kind of scary to read that. My sister used to drink it ridiculous amounts... no surprise she ended up diagnosed as type2 diabetic when she was 31.

    It is ridiculously unhealthy I'm afraid

    Sadly so...I don't drink it as much anymore,  settled for spring water and tea, though when I'm busy I do drink cola to keep me awake so I can stick to writing schedules.