Sleepy after coffee?

It’s noon now, I woke up in the morning and not doing many things had two cups of coffee. And I almost fell asleep with my head on the table. Such situation is nothing unusual for me. I can have coffee in the evening before sleep and sleep well after the coffee. I like coffee mostly because of its mildly bitter taste which together with milk is delicious for me. Is there anyone else experiencing such funny or weird effects of things that are supposed to work differently? Just curious, if anyone wants to share it will be interesting. 

  • I find it relaxing too, usually helps me sleep as well.

    Mainly as it it quiets my mind a little in terms of focus, if I'm struggling with concentrating because my minds trying it's best to get me to think of something else instead.

    Half the time I struggle to sleep as my head's doing 200 mph thinking of all sorts. Coffee seems to help.

  • Interesting, but I have no issues with focus, I often hyper focus to the point that I miss being called or fail to notice anything around. And I don’t have racing thoughts, what I have are repetitive thoughts. They often torture my brain also in the night if I wake up. Then I go to listen to music to turn off my brain. There is always something going on. I can endlessly repeat one conversation in my thoughts. I also often drink a coffee with milk when I’m hungry at work but it’s not a lunchtime yet. And it helps me kill the hunger. 

  • I get those thoughts too.

    normally, most of the time,  I find I hyper focus and forget things as a result, like meetings, or picking things up. The rumination I get is horrible too as it's always something negative I'll torture myself thinking about. I find I don't get that rumination as often if I make sure I'm well rested.

    When I find I'm racing with thoughts it's usually when I'm emotionally tired, what i see as my autistic battery being flat, so my hyperfocus gets lost.

    Coffee seems to move me away from the "ADHD" type symptoms towards the autistic ones, if that makes any sense?

    I had been told during ASD diagnosis that I might have ADHD alongside my autism, but with the overlap and similarities, especially to some PDA traits it's hard to tell without getting the diagnosis for it.

  • I like similar quiet and small spaces, I tried earplugs but so far cant find any I get on with. The part of my ear they fit into is too small for even the smallest fittings on earplugs and in ear headphones, so they just fall out...

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