What's your favourite movie?

The Italian Job for me Slight smile the original one I mean. Not only do I love Michael Caine in it, but also the Minis and the other classic cars as well as a solid brilliant plot for a movie! 

It's a classic and one of my favourite movies of all time. And also why I have such a deep love for classic Minis and why I bought one! Stuck out tongue On the DVD there's audio commentary which you can listen to while the movie plays, I highly recommend listening to it, it's really interesting to hear.

  • Taxi (1998)
    Stalker (1979)
    Logan's Run (1976)
    Wargames (1983)
    Hackers (1995)
    Any of the Star Trek Films, but especially the first and possibly Wrath of Khan
    Donnie Darko (2001)
    Baby Driver (2017)

    I honestly have many favourites.  I love sci-fi and action films, anything with really good soundtracks and I watch foreign films a lot.  My first real one was probably the original Taxi, seen at 2am one Saturday morning on Channel 4, maybe 20 years ago.  I love anime and own most of the Studio Ghibli DVDs.

  • DID you watch Attack on Titan? that got better and better as it went along.

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