Need advice urgently

Hello, can anyone help me please with what support my 24 year old son can have at work for a meeting? He raised or should I say I helped him with a grievance against him supervisor who treats him badly, she is a bully in my opinion! They’re now acting on this grievance with an investigation which my son has to attend on his own on Thursday morning whilst he’s at work. He is not aloud to have any representation at this stage but he will go into that meeting and not know what they’re talking about!? Can we insist under the disability act 2010 that he should have representation?

Im so worried for him as I think they’re trying to get him out!?

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  • Yes - The HR dept is only there to protect the company and management - not for your son.

    It might be worth asking for a copy of the company policies that they are using against your son - if they deviate from their own procedures one tiny bit, you have grounds against them - if they follow their procedures, it can be much more difficult.   Make sure you get a copy of their disciplinary procedure.

    Most companies / HR depts are totally incompetent so try to ride roughshod over even their own rules and the law - just hoping no-one ever calls them out on it.

  • I rang acas but didn’t find them very forthcoming, that said I did use a term they quoted when I spoke to hr again and he now has someone from his work supporting him in the investigation meeting tomorrow thank goodness!