My sons eating

Good morning everyone 

I've just signed up to this website so I'm very new to this.

My son is 8 years old, he is really struggling with eating at the moment, he has such a limited diet, breakfast times are fine, he wont eat lunch, and the evening meal consists of only a few items, either chicken nuggets, 2 or 3 fries, beans with toast separate but wont eat the beans only dips the toast into the bean juice. 

He used to eat other meals but now wont touch them. When I do cook the chicken nuggets he doesn't even eat them all.

He had some food stuck in his throat weeks ago and since then he panicked about choking, we reassure him, and sit with him during meal times, he doesn't like to sit around others when he eats, feels much more comfortable eating in his room.

I'm just so worried about him, please can anyone give me some advice or just to know I'm not in this alone! To be able to talk to someone who is going through something similar would be good.