What is your taste in TV shows like?


I know that not all traits of someone with autism are because of their autism...

But something occurred to me last night randomly...

My taste in TV programmes is potentially influenced a lot by autism. 

What I mean is that, A lot of of my favourite tv shows are rather repetitive in nature. They have a formula that they tend to stick to for each episode, and while there may be a dramatic theme that continues throughout a series, it's in the background of the ultimate formula of the show. 

For example one of my all-time favourite tv shows is House. 

There is the continuing theme of Dr House's mental health issues, drug problems due to pain etc but most episodes follow a routine. 

It begins with a character you've never met before (usually) having a seemingly sudden medical crisis. Sometimes bizarre symptoms that confuse the diagnosis. Bring in Dr House and through some ethically questionable at times trial and error, they figure it out and are able to diagnose and or treat the illness. Most episodes follow this routine. 

I like Law & Order and Law & Order SVU. Once again there is a routine involved with each episode. A crime is committed, the crime gets investigated and then they take it to court. There a few mishaps in the court, some defensive evidence turns up that the DA didn't know about etc... 

Star trek the next generation, once again tended to follow a routine. 

Silent witness, another one with a general routine involved in most episodes. 

The X files, even though there is an underlying conspiracy theme throughout the series (One that admittedly I find hard to keep up with making me feel a bit dumb) there also tends to be a routine that each episode sticks to. 

It's also interesting to note that the 'special' episodes of most of these programmes that can differ from their usual routine tend to be the episodes I either flat out didn't like, or at the very least enjoyed it to some degree but it wouldn't be my preference. 
Another example of a more recent find is a programme called Bull. Each episode sticks to a routine. someone is accused of something, someone is being wrongly blamed for something someone else did, bring in Dr Bull and his 'science' and they go to court and they try to get the jury on their side. 

Does anyone else here seem to have a preference of for TV serieses that have a routine for most episodes? 

And what are your favourite TV shows?