London National Gallery

I went there last week and they've changed it so that the only entrance is at the Sainsbury Wing. Once you've queued up and got past the bag search you think to yourself "I'm in - finally!" but there is a further hurdle! Between you and the masterpieces there are two young men shouting (and this is not an exaggeration they're literally SHOUTING) "Entrance to the gallery is free but we would suggest a donation of five pounds!". I would gladly pay £5 not to have these two so and so's shouting at me. Next time I visit the gallery I will have my five pounds ready and will thrust it into their greedy hands as I run screaming " AIEEEEEEE!" between their moneygrabbing podiums. My problem with having to deal with all this palaver is that I don't have much emotional energy left to cope with walking round the gallery and enjoying the Rembrandts or even getting the train home.