Anonymity - what's the risk?

Just wondering........I have started a blog about autism, and I'd like to get more people reading it (OK, *some* people reading it :-) ).

Now that I'm no longer on Facebook or Twitter, the only place I'd really go to, to ask a few people what they think, is this forum.

But I don't want to have to keep my blog anonymous (it kind of is at the moment, but I don't want to impose that restriction on it permanently).

Obviously if anyone ties up my account here with my blog, I'd lose my anonymity here.

That means that anything I post on my blog, I can't post here and vice versa because if I did, a cut-paste-google would instantly enable anyone to find my blog from here.

What is the risk or risks that makes it a good idea to remain anonymous on this forum?

It's annoying having to decide, when I think I have something interesting to say about autism, do I post it on my blog *or* here?

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