Just another article!


Was browsing as you do, and was looking to see how those of us on the autism spectrum are perceived by the majority of others in society.

I was especially looking to see if we are at times seen as “selfish” or “ ignoring others” ?

I don’t believe that’s correct, and that as I take time to process things I may seem not interested.

I often am so busy processing just about everything I may seem distant or on occasion not listening or taking notice.

 When hyper focused on any one particular interest I may as well be in a capsule as nothing outside seems to exist.

Do these few traits give the impression I am only thinking of myself and my wants and needs?

In reality I expect nothing and often reminded that’s just about all I will get.

 Oh of coarse if any of my skill sets are needed then straight away I am in big demand.

 Then suddenly dropped and forgotten.

 The article isn’t specific to that scenario but thought it worth a read as it seeks to dispel many myths and highlight abilities as a great thing.

 Take care all. ()