NAS is a charity for parents of children with autism to support each other. It was founded as such and still is. There is little concern for how their children experience things and even less concern about how they will navigate the world as adults. It is not about people on the spectrum of any age really, but about the parents coping strategies. And the children will grow into us, the adults, yet our expertise is not wanted either. It’s sad. That’s life. Parents find it extremely hard to acknowledge adults on the spectrum, unless they are still totally dependent. Does life really have to be this way? Goodbye. 

  • sorry to read you're feeling so sad, I'm a bit worried, are you OK?

  • I am also worried for you, are you ok?. 

    Your not as reading various posts of yours lately things have been ignored censored and I think because you spoke out about certain things.

    Although I really can see why you want to leave(Goodbye) .

    If you go then the help you give others by being just you is lost and very valuable.

     Here we get to talk about “US” and why not?

    Outside of here a lot of us struggle. Many reasons all similar but unique to ourselves.

     Coming here and talking to others has been so fulfilling to me. I feel I am part of a family.

    we discuss just about everything and it often rings true in my ears. I learn just by hearing someone chat about how they struggle or overcome thier own daily issues.

     In turn I post if I am troubled. I ask questions so that I can see if it’s just me or do others recognise or share the same. I then have a better understanding and may just be able to support others like wise.

    please reconsider and stay.

    We Are all individuals and at least here we rarely get judged for what we say.