Improving self care

Inspired by another thread :-) After spending a very long time thinking that I’m quite good at self care (because I do always eat clean and ensure that I get enough sleep) and assuming that I didn’t need to make any changes to my habits to improve my self care, on reflection I concede that I was wrong. There are many things that I could and should change in order to improve my self care. For example: I drink far too much coffee and not enough water; I don’t really exercise (difficult to fit it in going to the gym with my youngest being only 2 but I figure that I can walk/find exercises that I can do at home); I don’t plan my week out past the basics  and I feel that my life would run a lot more smoothly if I micro-managed my life a lot more. So, I am going to read and research self care and make changes to my life that enable me to take care of myself to a better degree. I shall use this thread as a ‘blog of sorts’ to post useful resources that I find; write any tips that I perceive may help others and generally report on my progress. I would like to invite others to join me. To share their own resources/tips on self care; to come on their own ‘improve self care’ journey with me or even just to participate in discussion on this thread.