Autistic dog

Looking for advice. I have an 8yr old dog that is potentially autistic and looking for advice. She's lovely and friendly, but sometimes I worry.

She seems to be under sensitive to touch, and needs constant stroking. However, this brings on a severe tail stimming episode.

She's over sensitive to sounds and doesn't like fireworks.

She never licks people - not even her lord and master! (That's me)

She can't feed herself. I have given her a tin of dog food yet she waits for me to open it.

She can't got to familiar places without supervision as she can't safely cross the road.

Socially, she is friendly but struggles to make friends. She wants to play with every animal but they run away laughing at her :( for example, we have a cat that hides and runs away when she sees her.)

She is socially unaware of certain behaviorus. She will happily fart in a room full of people and not be bothered. She has also eaten a full meal, then the contents of the cat litter tray, then puked, eaten the puke and puked again before walking off and leaving me to clean up - with guests.

Is there a test I can do? I think she qualifies for PIP but not sure what to do there

Happy Monday

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