Seeing what it feels like to be in other people shoes

Autistic people are known for there strange ways around processing the confusing world out there, these will probably come in many shapes and sizes. 

One way I would process the confusing world out there, is by putting myself in someone else shoes, to what it feels like to be in there situation, but I find extremely challenging to carryout in modern life but back when I went to special school surround by more profound need students with complex led me to discover my strange obsession. that the only I can process how people see the world and they are experiencing was by putting myself in there shoes. 

Throughout school I always seen students requiring one to one support, being assisted with feeding, using adaptive technologically and equipment and the need of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment, when I have seen students especially the ones using wheelchairs and standing frames, I felt sorry for them because when they was in a standing they looked for uncomfortable because they been hoisted and fasten the standing frame with no adjustments made to there uniform. this really fired up my obsession to try things throughout school but I was too shy and missed out on alot of opportunity but I did try a quite few things though. 

In swimming I experienced what it would feel like to wear float belt and have one to one support in people with me, I also experienced what it like to be fasten to hard plastic chair which is meant to offer support to students, i couldn't imagine long periods of time would be ideal in this situation

I tried being visually impaired, seen what it feels like be in a bed with padded sides and wheelchair with special vest type harness this was really good experience because ofthe pressure of vest was relaxing me. 

I tried so many little things but I have always had desire to try more things defiantly within the special needs school sector because there is plenty more experience where we take things we have for granted when they experience some not pleasant situations. one thing I always want to experience for the standing frames. I can't to think what it would be like to be forced stood still on the spot for 45 minutes. 

It just these things that i desire to try it other life things as well, I see all fashion as gender natural and would love to experience some of the women fashion and girls school uniforms just to see why women have more fashion options than use men. I also want to try chokers and old day fashions to see what it would be like where the clothes which we no longer wear today. 

I also want to explore more darker avenue of things I want to what it feels like but I not ready to fully explain what it is yet, but it involves being restrained by ropes and other equipment.