Near Troll posts

I don't want to embarrass the perpetrators of the posts by name, there have been more than one, but at times their appear troll like posts on these forums.

Perhaps it is inadvertant, but asking for advice and then showing little respect for the replies that are made in good faith, name calling using unacceptable language, putting across a belief that one has and then insisting this belief is irrefutable despite what others have said and with no evidence, or criticising others for valid views seems to me the sort of thing a troll would do. 

I don't know whether it is a 'road from Damascus' moment (the 'from' is deliberate as it seems to be that the eyes have been closed and not opened) but there has also been what appears to be a personality change at times.  We are autistic, but this does not mean we cannot work things out and with proper respect views can be contrary to those of others.  And sometimes there are members here with particular knowledge which is useful to others.  But posting information to further a theory of doubtful basis is not what I believe this forum is for, and one should expect others to put the alternative view.

I know I wind people up at times, hopefully not too many times on this forum.  But I do try to think about what I am saying, give information in good faith, accept other peoples contributions with good humour, and not spout rubbish. 

But there does seem at times to be people here with nothing to add to a conversation but spout nonsense.

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