Hills - Arranged Partly In Line With The Quadrants, Anyone?

Greetings Anyone (!). But I expect this to be a very short if not completely "dead" Thread... (Sorry it has likely nothing to do with Autism, though.)

Is there, near to where you live, a small HILL (covered with Grass)? And if you travel a bit, there is another small HILL... and if you travel further - either backwards or forwards, are there more Hills... and if mapped, then they extend upon a LINE OF HILLS...?

Every Hill is in a Grassy area: some may be fenced-off, others may have a Concrete/Iron Utility Cover on them (like Drain Covers or other types of Access), or some may even have "Play Areas for small children" half-heartedly built upon them. But they are always a little "Bump" at least Seven-Foot wide, in a Grassy Area. Councils seem not allowed to dig these up and/or build upon them, and they are always built around, over, or are fenced off.

I have read some things about "Ancient Long Barrows". But I cannot find information about them being in lines, Quadrants or "GPS" in relation to Hills... might anyone have any information? There may be Historical Significance, but I cannot find that either.

(I only begin this Thread now, because I remember it, and this is one of those things which I cannot find out more about anywhere, and if I ever had the chance to Post something upon a Public Internet Forum, then this was one of the questions I had.) Surely someone else has noticed these things apart from myself...?

  • ...Gracious me, and Thanks to all who replied so far...

    To Elephant-In-The-Room and Song, I have read about such things, and have (once had) great interest in them...

    To LoneWarrior and Cloudy Mountains...the two of you are most likely correct, I think...! The thing is, I live in London, and have never seen these hills "dug up" as far as I remember. (Forty Years, note.) They (workers) always dig Around them, up Houses or Pavements, or Parks near to them... but they never touch the Hill itself. This is why I wondered what the darn things were about... and so Thanks for the insights.

    Not sure what else to say, now... (!) Apart from Thank You very much to all...!

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