Random thoughts from home

These are not all original t o me but here goes ....

In the supermarket they sell bottles of liquid labelled "Still water".  At what stage will it cease to still be water.

And talking of water, one brand says it has percolated and been filtered  through rock for thousands oof years before being bottled. Good job they bottled it when they did as its best before date is only in a months time.

What does an occasional table become when it is not a table.

Who did the first person who bought a telephone want to ring?

 Where did the first person who bought a car buy petrol from? Or who  did the first filling station sell petrol to?

How many people died eating poisonous mushrooms and berries before they knew which ones were ok to eat?

There are many more, so what are other contributors favourites?

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  • Do you ever actually hear anyone in a coffee shop ask for a 'regular' coffee? Does it mean they go there every day?

    Or is it anything to do with a 'flat white' I hear about? If it's not flat, it's not regular?

    Have they stopped putting use-by dates on salt containers and vinegar bottles after someone pointed out that they're used for preserving things?