9.21 a.m. and I've just realised, I've hit my goal for the day Yippee

I can feel it in my bones, today is going to be a good day

Yesterday,  my autism worker and I, set me a little goal to be up and out of bed by 10 a.m. each morning (proper goal or ultimate goal is to be up at my usual time of 3.50 a.m. but for the first time ever, I'm being [slightly] open minded about this) and without even realising I was achieving my goal today (I forgot, day one, which could have been an epic fail) I'm up and out of bed and it's not even 9.30 a.m. ~ whoop whoop clap clap  you gotta celebrate all achievements, no matter how small. And I feel so good today that I just know, it's gonna be a good day and I'm going to have me a busy little day today, I think  ~ I feel strong I can do this, oh yes! 

On reflection, I think I feel so good because I had a super delicious Dutch chocolate mixed protein drink made with almond milk and almond butter last night right before bed and not only does it taste sooooooooooooo good, it's like drinking the most delicious desert ever, but it's also super filling as well. I didn't think I could drink it all but I forced myself and I'm glad I did because I'm sure that it's one of the reasons I feel so good this morning. I am also on to my second drink of hot water of the day ~ Whoop Whoop! This day is going sooooo well so far and as Infinite Waters would say, we ain't even had breakfast yet! Whoop Whoop. 

So yeah, good point for me to note ~ feels super good and strong in all areas of life, mind, body and soul when I drink a chocolate drink before bed!!! 

So today, I'm going to go and get myself dressed and go for a longish walk in nature ~ my medicine  and I think I might treat my lovely little self to some food at my new favourite cafe, not the  cute little coffee shop I discovered yesterday, but my new favourite cafe, out in the countryside which actually does a super delicious looking raw vegan salad, which is already on the menu - the only place in my home town that does this, so today might be the day that I treat my little self and try out their goods. 

After that, with a belly full of food and lots of delicious coffee running through my veins, I might be super adventurous and really push the boat out and go along to my new autism group for the very first time. I want to pay my £10 for the day trip to Whitby and also get my foot through the door for the first time. After that, I think I might come home and rest, but who knows, I'm feeling so good that anything could happen!  

While I'm at the cafe, I'll be following another suggestion from my beautiful Earth angel, my autism worker, which is to write a list of all the things I want to achieve around my house but also my health goals, such as eating and drinking consistently every day with fasting days built in, and also my goals to write out my affirmations etc and business goals and then I give her the list, she keeps it and we work out plans each week to achieve all the things on the list ~ this is super super exciting. She thinks I've achieved so much already and I have but this is where it's really at (for me), achieving the actual physical stuff because this is what I struggle the most (without a set routine) and this will make the biggest difference in my life and will catapult me into fabulousness  

So I'll finish my 'third' hot water of the day ~ oh my, this really is a good day, then I'll quickly get dressed and be on my little way. 

I'm writing this, as a way to attempt to track my progress and keep me on track so I thought I might as well share it on here as well. I've currently got a little kitty trying to get in on the action, purring and doing its thing all over me, lol, maybe it senses how good I feel today. 

Peace, love and light and a wonderful day to you all and don't forget, the sunshine always follows rain, no matter how long and stormy some days, weeks, months or even years,last, the sun will always come out at some point and it's literally out, here today so maybe I'll even catch a tiny bit of that all important hormone, vitamin D, if not, maybe I'll even manage to take my supplements today although I think that's a little step too far for me today.