Speaking of procrastination.

Today.....  I finally took down my Christmas tree.

  • After 6 months, the Christmas Tree wondered what had suddenly happened to all of the light and the attention it had received so far, from all the other items of furniture. "I glistened proudly, and now I am put away! What happened...?" The Tree wondered, and felt forlorn, and lay, no longer able to share its glistening light.
    The Brown Rugs, also wondered. "What happened to the glistening Tree, who glistened indoors here,as we do, although we glisten brown and gold, and the Tree glistened green, like the things we see through the windows, which shine the light allowing us ALL to glisten so finely?"
    When the house was quiet, the Brown Rugs sneaked outside of the house. They could not find the Tree, and so they sallied forth to seek the eternal wisdom of the Trees which they always saw through the Windows, and which gave all of them the greatness enabling them to glisten so wonderfully.
    The Brown Rugs found the outside World to be very strange, and different. "This is not bad," said one,"but the ground is rough and strange."
    "I am not certain that I like it," said another Brown Rug. Yet still another Brown Rug was left to remind them of their duty to glisten and to remain soft and comfortable.
    "Let us ask the Trees here what is going on," said the Rug, "For they resemble the Tree that is missing,"
    ...And before anyone knew what was happening, the Trees - those surrounding, long-lived, wise, and Natural Trees, said to the Rugs: "The Tree you seek is safe inside the House! Please do not worry!"
    The Rugs were astonished at first - not used to speaking to things made from Natural Fibres - but the Natural Trees continued in a kind voice: "One day you all shall become used to the way we all are. But for now, we are all created with a purpose. Yours is to provide comfort, and warmth, and shelter. To answer your question, the Little Tree you seek is still inside your Shelter. Please do instead what you are best at doing, and do not worry so much."
    At this answer, all of the Brown Rugs were satisfied, and went back indoors... where after a little search, they finally found their friend, the Christmas Tree. And in happiness, they all Glistened together for a time in celebration at finding each other again. (Even though it was nighttime.)
    The Tree said: "I am alright. Thank You for looking for me! Although I am 'put away' just now, we must always remember to glisten brightly and to provide comfort whenever it is asked of us."
    All of the Brown Rugs agreed: "Yes! We shall try to stay soft and warm when needed, and we do so look forward to when you are out and glistening again with us."
    And so, in June, although the Christmas Tree is 'put away', the Brown Rugs still Glisten and always try to shine brightly, and to give their softness and warmth, despite whatever happens to any of them. For they all know that that is their best duty, and that they can look out of the windows to see the Wise Trees outside, who provide them with the light to always do so, and not a one of them ever forgets the wisdom of Nature, and that they may look forward to the day that they shall reciprocate all that they ever learn in due course of events.

    ...This is why, sometimes, something goes missing: They are out there, somewhere...!


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