Disappearing Messages/Posts, 2018. (EDIT.)

Note by WebPM: I have split this off from the photography thread partly to make this discussion more accessible to others who have questions, and partly to keep the other thread on topic.)

...Finally, this is to WebPM. I may Post again, though. But after 3, 4 attempts to find WebPMs Post, I could not, and then I recall a thing said by MrRobert123, in that Replies Change depending upon how a Thread is entered, and so I clicked upon the Thread TITLE, instead of any reply (from the HOME Screen... and now I finally see your Reply, Mr.WebPM.

(I wanted to keep this Thread about Pictures, but then that happens, and so I Post it here, as it happened, rather than my previous Thread. Excuse Me.)

EDIT - From DC: This Post now does not entirely make sense, when used  as a Starting Post or as an Introduction. To anyone reading, Please ignore the sentence here which says that this Thread is "about pictures", for THIS Thread is not about pictures at all..!! Most of all, Please see the first *Real* Post from myself, below. I myself can only wait to see what other people (including NAS) do regarding this Thread...

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