I was at a ‘be your own boss’ day on Saturday and was sat next to a guy who had come along for the day, with his wife, just to give back because both he and his wife now run their own successful businesses, helped by these guys.  She makes cakes and he’s a photographer ~ so of course our , and others on here who have a love of photography, came instantly to mind ~ so I did a bit of digging. 

His greatest passion is taking nature photos but he also does a lot of portrait type photos as well, but I was more interested in what he did with his nature photos. 

He said he sells them on a platform called ‘shutterstock’. He said you simply decide on a price for your photo, upload it, and people come along and pay you for the photo. He said if they want more than one copy of the photo, they pay for each one separately, albeit it at a reduced rate. 

Sooooooooo, I thought it might be something you guys might want to check out. The guy said it’s relatively straight forward to use and he said he earns a nice amount of passive income in return for doing what he loves. He said he enjoys the portrait photos but his true love is the nature photos and he couldn’t be happier that he is now making an income from that passion. 

I’ve had a quick look on shutterstock and it seems you can put any photos you want on there. Can’t wait to tell my niece (undiagnosed/not even aware aspie) who also loves photography and doesn’t know what to do with it. This looks like a great opportunity for photographers to showcase their talents and earn an income from them.

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  • I have often thought of the creative skills that are present in the autistic community and which do not get recognition.

    As a photographer myself, I enjoy showing my work to other people, and I am sure that the same goes for those involved with other creative crafts such as sculpture, embroidery, drawiing and craftwork.

    If my memory serves me correctly (and I am very apt to thinking things I dreamed are real!) we used to have a 'hobbies' section wthin these forums.  Perhaps this could be restarted.

    It would be nice though to have this as some sort of 'gallery' for our work (for 'display' purposes) where we could just show off work we had done, work we are proud of, and the progress of ideas.  Pictures of our creations would be very interesting and may give some idea as to how imaginative and creative we can be, and also show that we can hold our own and exceed the talents of NTs.