Do You Write With a Fountain Pen?

I suspect that I am in a very small minority of people who write almost exclusively with a fountain pen. Certain paper and card means I sometimes have to use a ballpoint pen but, given the choice, I will always choose a fountain pen.

I use either a Conway Stewart fountain pen (my good pen) or a Lamy fountain pen (my everyday pen). Unfortunately, Conway Stewart went out of business some time ago, however, Bespoke British Pens bought what stock existed and still make, in effect, Conway Stewart pens. I bought my Lamy fountain pen from a shop near where I worked in London many, many years ago. I bought my Conway Stewart more recently from Andy's Pens ( who stock a range suitable for nearly every budget.

With a fountain pen I can I watch the ink glisten on the paper before drying. I consider writing with a fountain pen is writing with a soul; I find writing with a ballpoint soulless.

As I have mentioned on this forum before, I was once told, "There are two things in life you do not lend: your fountain pen and your wife. In that order."

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  • I love my silver Lamy Al-star, once about 9 years ago I was walking in WHsmith between shelves, surrounded of new fresh books aromat and stopped by pens display, and memories come from my childhood, when I have a present from my mum a fountain pen, and only now I'm trying to decode what kind intention  was in that unusual for 7 year old boy present, thank you to my mom, I'm using it daily, for sketching, for notebook, for delivery signed