To be or not to be?

I’ve come to realise, that there are two kinds of people in the world. There are those with big dreams, and there are those without. Neither one is more important or better than the other. They are both equal, but different. And for a person to live a ‘happy’ life, they need to know which group they fall into.

Bearing in mind, that ‘big’ can look very very small to some people. So I didn’t mean to say those with ‘big’ dreams, rather those with dreams. But what our ideas or dreams look like to somebody else, is of no concern of ours, anyway, unless they’re going to be of some benefit.

A dream, an idea, is anything other than the ‘norm’. For example, my dream could be that my grandson only attends school for half a day and the other half, he spends his time de-stressing and processing the day, in whatever way and to what ever degree will be most helpful to him, at any given point in his life. I consider that a small dream, and although it’s something I want, it’s not my ‘dream’. A dream could be to live a peaceful life in the forest. It is whatever it is and nobody can judge you on it and nobody but you can achieve it. Also, you got that idea/dream for a reason. In new thought thinking they say that if god gave us dreams, he also gave us the ability to live them out.

If you want to be happy and live a life of your dreams, you’ve got to know what your dream is, and that you’re a dreamer, or not. Not everybody is, which has just as many pitfalls and benefits as having a dream does.

And an idea, a dream, can be anything you want, and when you know you can have it, it’s as good as done. And anyone, can live their dream. It’s their dream. They have it for a reason, but in our society, our dreams are generally discouraged. That doesn’t make it right. There is no right or wrong, it just is. But it is no preventer of dreams coming true.

There are those, without a dream. Which is not only perfectly ok, but also perfectly necessary, if we’re going to build a society in which we all live, in peace and harmony. But you have to know you don’t have a dream and to be happy with that. That way, you can simply design your life in such a way that you ‘fit’ to some degree, into society. And if you do your bit, by simply being happy, you will be making a valuable contribution to life.

Many people think that life is about ‘getting’. Getting the job, car, home, relationship, respect, holidays, happiness, love, whatever etc etc. But if that were true, more people would be happy. And they’re not. Because they’re attempting to live life the wrong way round. They are looking to what they can get, instead of what they can give. If we were all just taking, or bartering, the world would die out. You have to give and it’s in the giving that we find joy. But to be able to give, one must realise, that what we give of greatest value, cannot be seen, smelt or touched. It’s the invisible life force that runs through every living person, plant, animal and mineral. To do with as we please.

We can’t see that invisible life force, but we know it exists, because we have life. Like electricity, we can’t see it, but we know it exists because we feel the benefits of it. We have got life, and life seeks to always express itself. Giving more and more, and never taking. What can we take anyway? Some money? We can have money one day and not the next. Does that change who I am? The intelligent life force, that beats the heart in me and pumps blood around my veins. It doesn’t care about money. So who does?

If you’ve got a dream. Live your dream. Now. This instant, because this is the only moment you will ever have. Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow isn’t here yet, this moment is all we have and all we will ever have. And living the dream, or not, is simply a decision, to have or not to have.