February 2018 - A Thread With No Topic...

Greetings to all who read. I state first a thing that all should know: This NAS Forum is currently experiencing Errors which cause entire Posts to disappear and appear at random... once a Thread passes a certain length.

(...And if NAS happens to be reading... please start a new "Feedback" Thread, okay? I am asking you politely, here where you cannot miss it.)

...Apart from that, this is (an attempt at) a new Miscellaneous Topic Thread. Thank You Kindly.

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  • Glad Tidings, to those who Replied so far! I had thought this Thread to drop into obscurity... persons are less in a "random" mood since lete January, yet I wrote my initial warning so that those who did not know, could know about it (including NAS, maybe).

    I was only able to log on very late last night (7-2-18), and so could not really do anything... and now, in just a day, the other Threads I responded to are dropping off as well. Such is the Internet, I suppose...

    Anyway, after this is another massively Random Topic from myself, if that is quite alright...

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