My son and varying school behaviour... I wish I could wave a wand!

Hi, I'm new here! 

I was looking for some advice regarding your experiences.

My son who is 9, is at a mainstream school. He has an expressive language disorder and a social communication disorder, as well as developmental delay.

His teacher is great and does understand why he does some of the things he does. A lot of the reasons he receives 'warnings' at school are due to social incidents - he will talk back, mimic the teacher, tell someone off if she hasn't noticed they have broken 'the rules', get involved in other issues, etc. It has all of a sudden got a lot worse as his has moved up to year 5 and language complexity and expectations have increased. I have told her I don't know what we can do whilst he has this 'rigid' way of thinking and thins most of what he does is acceptable - which is why he don't back down. I just feel really deflated picking him up everyday to be fed back all of these negative things. They are good at feeding back positives too, which I do appreciate. 

I have applied for an EHCP as I feel he needs more 1:1 time and someone who can have the time to explain incidents too him and help him recognise his emotions too, as he struggles with that. 

It really has suddenly got me down and I feel helpless and that there is something I should be doing

Is this all normal?

Thank you for your time x