072 101 108 108 111 032 087 111 114 108 100... with Optional 032 or 046.

There seems to be no other Thread (upon NAS) discussing this as a Topic, or Hobby, or its fancies... despite everyone who can read this actually doing it or using it. 

  • Greetings to all. I do not try to make a habit of replying to myself, yet until the problem is fixed, then I Post this, & it should be right at the end of this Thread, and so should not disappear...yet.

    Concerning Posts disappearing/reappearing: Just a clue, maybe...


    ...this should Link to "Ross-Mod" upon another totally unrelated Thread. The reason I Post this is that THIS sort of thing is likely related to the Reason for all Replies disappearing/reappearing lately. It does not matter who Posted what or who reads what...

    Mr Ross-Mod also writes:
    "the repetition of '[user name] wrote:' several times gets flagged as spam when it shouldn't be. I've approved those posts now, so they should be visible, and will keep an eye out for this problem."

    ...I myself really really do like the new "Load Previous/Next" function, it is very helpful to me. Yet I suspect that it is having a sort of fight with one of the older "automatic filters" (Ross-Mod's example is an "automatic spam filter"), which is similar to "filters" which censor certain words here, such as: The common garden bird, a Blue Tit (Blue T i t)...

    ...What I suggest is that there is a Filter, I cannot know which, that is *not* compatible with "Load Previous/Next". I am not NAS and so I can only guess, there. But the Thread to which I post a link: it is short... yet I have never seen so many "LIKE"s activated before?... and I wonder if this was a kind of "workaround" for the trouble of Posts disappearing... they stay put if they are LIKEd now?
    And still, as I said earlier here, I myself was almost Banned upon another Thread; yet my 'hated' Post remains (with 2 "DISLIKE"s)... and so that is why I said that "report as abusive" is not the trouble. The trouble is that there is some old filter which is fighting the new changes, I think.

    Sorry for a long-ish Post, and hope anyone understands. And NAS, please sort it out, Thanks.

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