On The Ontological Status Of Autism And Double Empathy

The double empathy/cross-neurological hypotheses of Milton and Beardon can be summarised as follows:
(1) non-autistic people appear to have as much difficulty in understanding autistic minds as vice versa;
(2) autistic people often develop a greater understanding of society than non-autistic people develop of autism; and
(3) autistic people have a similar ability to empathise with other autistic people as non-autistic people have with their peers.
Milton does not suggest that non-autistic people are less capable of developing an understanding of autism than vice versa; as he points out, it is simply that autistic people have no choice but to try to develop an understanding of society if they are to ‘survive and potentially thrive’ whereas no such imperative applies in the opposite direction (Milton 2012).

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  • Lol....delusions of superiority indeed!!...

    Yeah, I nearly fell off the floor laughing when I read it.

    Limbic sublimation therapy through laughter really helps shift delusions of superiority ~ as are but one range of presentations involving ''Inferiority Complex'' proper, what with delusions of mediocrity and inferiority being the other two ranges of presentation, just as much integrally.

    The thing that made me laugh the most though ~ There is no known cure. I mean a cure for individuality ~ oh my whole life on this planet that makes me laugh. 

    thank you for offering a “pretty” version of the women with ASD checklist....is that to make it more palatable!    

    Oh its got little to do with making it more 'palatable' ~ emotional (think of the sweet looking Aspie child) bribery all the way!