Take your Time

The three-word instruction Women love to hear, but drives men up the wall.

It hit me, this afternoon, whenever I honked at a car that cut me off. I ended up pressing a smart function on the steering wheel, when sounding the horn. I tried to get rid of the menu by guesswork, applying speed limiters in the process. Eventually, I was sorted when stopping in town.

I never coped well with pressure, and 'taking time' exacerbates the pressure; for me.

  • Another really annoying one is “calm down” especially with the pretext “you need to” as in “you need to calm down” often said by police and council officials and the other one is “all right, all right, stop talking, stop speaking” 

  • People always say things like that when you're in a tearing hurry and stressed out. 'Take your time', to me is another one of those irritating phrases, like 'cheer up love it may never happen. It's likely to make me feel more stressed an upset and more likely to lead to a melt down either a tearful one or an angry one.

    I do have patience with people who are learner drivers though, I remember learning to drive and how terrified I was.

  • Totally agree with this one Desmond - it drives me up the wall as well 

  • I never coped well with pressure, and 'taking time' exacerbates the pressure; for me.

    I found the "taking time" technique was the most effective way to stop stress in its tracks most of the time - apply a bit of mindfulness (ie think "is it really worth getting worked up over?"), take a deep breath and just go on about your day - let it go and feel you are being a better person for it.

    The energy saved from being wound up by the incident is quite considerable and I found it made me feel physically much better than before when I would blow the horn and shout at the incompetent driver.

    Let the other driver crash by their own hand one day - karma will catch up with them.

  • Different strokes for different folks. I think it would be calming in most situations where there is actually room to take time. 

    Stalling at a junction and there being a queue of cars behind me would be next to impossible to make easier.