Young adult help needed.

Hi, long and desperate first post, apologies in advance  

My daughter (17) was diagnosed with autism middle of last year, I am in the process of being diagnosed myself. 

She started college studying for A-levels in September and even though the college were fully aware of her autism and what she needs have done absolutely nothing to help her, I have a diary of events from the start, empty promises of help coming, pointless meetings, to the point where she has now dropped out because she knows there is no chance of her passing her AS Levels.

Senco weren't even aware she existed until I phoned them directly, and even after a meeting with them, the help that she desperately needs wasn't forthcoming. 

So, things I have done. Approached Sendias, who just sent the code of conduct to both me and her.

Contacted IPSEA, and whilst useful, was completely overwhelming. Started to look at an EHC plan.

Where is the help ? Where do I go ? It just feels like 'Yes, she's got Autism, byeeeeee'.

I now have a child who is suicidal, she's gone from wanting to go to Uni to sitting in her room, talking about maybe home schooling, maybe an apprenticeship.

I'd appreciate some positivity and insight from others that have maybe been in this position, any suggestions welcome.

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