Bespoke package!!

People say my son is complex and requires a bespoke package of education.... my son loves to learn and is really bright .....he has severe disability due to classic autism at its most florid.

We were rejected by a lot of colleges because of my sons triggers to challenge which were often around other learning disabled students and teachers.

As my son may have to move on in next year or two from where he is at present - It would help me to find other parents of   20 to  25yrs   who get this bespoke package and where to find it or cobble it together....... ...

I am also really confused how to locate very specialized  autism PDA specific psychiatrists  and clinical psychologists who can offer sensible helpful support to this age group and are willing to travel around England to do so...

I may be looking for things which don't exist but I am sure they are needed....?? anyone out there know??

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