8 yr old son just received Asperger's Diagnosis

Greetings all,

My son received his diagnosis last week and we are just in the process of trying to work out what services he/we can access (Basingstoke).  He's back at school today and they have been really proactive setting up meetings etc with the SENCO.  I'm doing everything I can to research what I can do to help.  He is very high functioning, doesn't have the special issue focus but is socially very unaware, likes to control everything around him and gets very very upset when the world doesn't do what he expects.  I have been worried since pre-school times as he was always very reluctant to try new things and has had a worryingly negative and angry attitude to life, the smallest disappointment leads to a meltdown.  I've been speaking to school since he was 6 but as he was academically excelling and manages to hold it together at school they couldn't do anything.  It's only been since he moved to the Junior school that his negativity and inappropriate attention seeking behaviour caused concern. 

I think we managed to bypass much of the assessment process as by chance his epilepsy consultant was also the ASD lead so it's all happened very quickly.

Looking forward to getting advice - seems a new parenting life awaits...


  • Hi Ruth - and welcome.

    Let's hope he gets the approach he needs at school.  It sounds like, with their proactive approach, that they're doing their best.

    Check out some of the resources on here if you haven't already.  There's lots of good information.  Plus lots of other threads where you'll find parents discussing all manner of issues.

    Check out here:

    Parents and Carers

    Also the Autism Services Directory.

    You might find this book useful, too.  There are used copies available for a few pennies!

    Making Peace With Autism

    Best wishes,