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A hello to everyone and a quick plug - we are the National Police Autism Association, a new indepdendent body supporting police officers, staff and families affected by ASC, AS and other hidden conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, depression etc. We also promote best practices for working with members of public affected by autism.

If you've ever wondered whether there are police officers with AS, the answer is yes... there are many aspects of a career in policing that are well-suited to an aspie, but some that are pretty tough as well.

We have a website, , and a Twitter account "Police Autism UK" @npaa_uk . We're also on Facebook and LinkedIn (search for NPAA). It would be great if you could give us a follow - we tweet about all sorts of things related to autism, AS, equal opportunities and anything "neurodivergent".

Looking forward to taking part in the NAS web forum

  • Good evening to one and all.
    Well, well... I was going to leave off from this, in my waiting for someone else to write something. But - the opportunity to speak in a 'calm' situation to actual POLICE (!), is a thing I would do well to investigate. And so I pose here, perhaps a quandary for you.

    A lot happens in just a year, including new laws... which prevent one from "upsetting" CHILDREN. Even in self-defence. No more fillips, no more ear-tweaking, no more slight cuffing...

    The quandary is this: What are we supposed to do if a bunch of children - or even just ONE of them... decides to "upset" an adult?? Children who use vulgar language, throw stones, steal or break or foul property... they regard you as they might a cat, a pigeon, or a fox, and so they treat you in similar fashion, chasing you and enjoying the harm they do when they catch you.
    And yet, because they are children... adults - including their own parents - simply look on, smile, and find it CUTE.

    "They're just playing!" "Kids will be kids!" "That is your own problem. They won't do *that* again!"

    Some children delight in bullying other children... and when you are a certain type of adult, they delight even more in the task, and they even come to see it as a sort of social DUTY.

    (Hope you understand. Not surprised if you do not. Ending this post now anyway.)

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