Newly diagnosed adult female Newcastle 38 years old


I was diagnosed yesterday. Today I have been thinking about things that have happened to me or that I have done in the new knowledge of my diagnosis. It's very odd. I was surprised to be diagnosed. I asked if I was borderline but they looked horrified and said that I was 100%, no doubt classic autism. 

I'd like to say hello to people on here. Hello.

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  • Procrastinator your reply has really resonated with me. The fact is that I don't know how you live life on your own terms but I intend to find out!

    It's been one week since my diagnosis and I have actually had to ask my Husband if it really happened. People keep telling me I must be very high functioning or perhaps I misunderstood my diagnosis. My family don't believe it/don't care. I keep worrying that I have been diagnosed in error. This is a fear of mine. I know in fact that the specialists were very thorough. 

    I don't really know where to start with trying to live life on my own terms. I have started small by being really honest and open about my diagnosis. I am allowing myself to look people in the eye less as I find eye contact uncomfortable. 

    I am going to move on from these things to bigger things once I have gained a bit of confidence. I don't think it's a case of going from A to Z. I think you need to build up slowly. I think if I treat myself with respect then other people will too. I sometimes feel lonely because there is such a gap between how I want my life to be and how it is. I'm not being honest with myself or other people. Eventually I want to be less lonely because I'm more myself. Does that make sense? 

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