Aspergers and selective mutism

Hi, everyone

Not sure how this all works yet as new to the site. 

I have 4 Children all boys from 21 - 12, two of which are likely to be getting a diagnosis very soon for Aspergers. I have already been through the diagnosis process once for my now 19 year old, but they felt he was borderline so could not do a diagnosis, now however as he as got older, they have decided they want to re assess as they feel he is on the spectrum. 

I also have a 14 year old, who is almost at the end of diagnosis. I have done alot of online research on Autismn and have also learned through my own experiences of coping with different situations, but i must say i am struggling slightly with my 14 year old who has selective mutism also and am wondering if anyone else has a child with selective mutism, that can share any pointers.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi, I found this conversation on a web search of asd and selective mutism,  I realise this was 3 years ago, which might be a bonus for me!

    I also have 4 children, from 10-19, 2 of each.  My 18 year old son was diagnosed with Aspergers about 18 months ago - we knew but it was never an issue until he started his GCSEs.

    However my 12 years old daughter is really struggling, mostly anything at all to do with school, and its so distressing to see.  She has recently been diagnosed with ASD and Selective mutism and reading this conversation on here gave me goosebumps how similar what yours and Mrs Hedgehogs children were/are going through are to what my daughter is going through.  And you as parents.

    So I wonder 3 years on whether you have any advice or recommendations that might help us, I hope you both found the help you needed for your children and your children are happier.

    I look forward hopefully to hearing from you xx