Aspergers and selective mutism

Hi, everyone

Not sure how this all works yet as new to the site. 

I have 4 Children all boys from 21 - 12, two of which are likely to be getting a diagnosis very soon for Aspergers. I have already been through the diagnosis process once for my now 19 year old, but they felt he was borderline so could not do a diagnosis, now however as he as got older, they have decided they want to re assess as they feel he is on the spectrum. 

I also have a 14 year old, who is almost at the end of diagnosis. I have done alot of online research on Autismn and have also learned through my own experiences of coping with different situations, but i must say i am struggling slightly with my 14 year old who has selective mutism also and am wondering if anyone else has a child with selective mutism, that can share any pointers.

Thank you xx

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  • Hi Mrshedgehog

    At last someone else, is out there, sometimes you feel quite alone in this world. 

    My son's mutism is not all the time, he occasionally will speak to teachers, depends what kind of day he is having, but he never speaks to doctors, therapists, dentists etc. He also chooses at times to not speak to family members include myself and my husband. He is in mainstream school, but we are finding it very difficult, the school say they understnd and will support him, but more things crop up where you feel you are banging your head against a brick wall. My son has bad anxietys and can sometimes go to school crying, but once calm he will get himself to class. i had a phone call once, (Few months back) theat he had been excluded until i provide medical eveidence that he really has anxietys..... it certainly takes it toll on us as a family. I have three other boys, one other also on the spectrum whose 19, but he does speak, which makes things a whole lot easier. I have seen on other forums, that alot of children that present with selective mutism, do get better as they get older and learn to cope with there diagnosis. I am clinging to that light at the end of the tunnel. Does your daughter get any outside therapy that helps? 

    And p.s don't worry about prattling on, i know exactly what you mean, i do the same. xx

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